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marQ Lei app (marQ Law)

One of the major difficulties of a company to suit the legal standards is to identify what are the standards applicable to its business, in terms of quality, environment and health & safety in the workplace. To facilitate such identification, marQ offers an online application, designed for our customers.

The marQLei application allows customers to get the legal requirements applicable to the company´s activities, products and services on an easily and organized way and identify the unmet standards. Provides greater control of information and documentation for audit compliances, and provides compliance statements on the requirements of applicable legislation.

The application is available in three different versions:


• Access to applicable legislation on federal, state and municipal levels : Full legislation text¹.


• Access to applicable legislation on federal, state and municipal levels²;
• Catalog of applicable legal requirements, sorted by theme/environmental aspect.


• Access to applicable legislation on federal, state and municipal levels²:
– Key word search tool;
– Filter by stage of analysis of legal requirements;
– Filter by situation of compliance of legal requirements;
• Catalog of applicable legal requirements, sorted by theme/environmental aspect, hazards/risks at work or product.
• Framework conditions of the applicable legal requirements:
– Applicability;
– Compliance situation;
– Evidences and comments of compliance with legal requirements.

marQ Controle app (marQ Control)

The control of documentation and registers is an activity that requires a lot of time from the responsible for development and maintenance of the company’s management systems. Also, it is very hard to ensure the effectiveness of these controls, it is usual to have outdated documents being used, which can cause important deviation on quality of products, services, environment management and health & safety management.

We offer an online application to help companies minimize those problems. marQ Control application was developed by experienced consultants, considering companies’ environment and compliance with legal requirements and standards.

In addition to lodging management system documents and registers, the application allows some activities to be performed online, as corrective and preventive actions, action plans, complain and coaching registers, performance indicators and others.

marQ Control is a very flexible application, allowing its implementation with little changes on customers’ records and routines. The system is able to generate analytical reports, and set alerts to the deadlines for actions implemented and effectiveness check.

The application can be purchased and implemented in modules, which makes the investment viable and changes easily accepted by users.


*Available functions:
• Process mapping;
• Hosting and access to all procedures, work instructions, forms and other documents;
• Hosting and access external document;
• Quick access to frequently used documents;
• Master lis of documents;
• Search tool by key word.


*Available functions:
• All available on basic module;
• Holding of online activities: corrective and preventive action, action plans, complaints records;
• Database of employees training, plans, records and effectiveness check;
• Records of process indicators and quality objectives, environment and health and safety at work, availability of results in graphs and analytical reports;
• E-mail with alerts of deadlines;
Other functions can be developed by customer’s request.

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